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Momco Apps Movie Marathon Campaigns

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Momco App started with helping moms connect with other moms to collaborate. But that is just the surface of the Child Care values and services they provide. Momco App is partnering up with cinema and movie providers all over Portland to give kids an unforgettable movie experience.

Before, Momco App partnered up with Disney Pixar during the release of their animated motion picture “The Good Dinosaur.” It was an amazing campaign and everyone cried when Spot reunited with his family and Arlo walked the other way.

Now, Momco is in the middle of looking for partners like cinemas and movie applications to work with. We’re planning a movie marathon that children and parents will never forget. Here are some of our plans.

Nature Marathon

First, we want to introduce kids to the beauty and wonder the planet Earth is. There are hundreds of nature documentaries out there suitable for children that will teach them so much. This is not only a fun activity but it is a learning opportunity as well.

Kids are also sure to have fun watching cute and wild animals run around either playing catch or hunting for food. We won’t be showing any bloody encounters of course.

Arts and Crafts

Think about this, a big screen in front, tables for each family, a bunch of art materials and video tutorials all day long. Kids can learn finger painting, origami folding and there’s even this thing called shaving cream marbling. Sounds awesome right?

This would be a great bonding opportunity for kids and parents. Heck, you can even bring the entire family with big brother and big sister. Besides, there’s a kid in all of us.

History Today

After nature and arts, history is up next. There are so much history kids could learn from. It will always prepare them in a world of academics that include a big chunk of education about the past, its effect on the present and the future to look forward too.

There are a number of series, documentaries and films to teach kids about past events, famous people before and so much more.

Cartoon and Animated Movies for all Moods

After days of watching educational media and entertainment, kids deserve a day of fun. Disney movies, DreamWorks, Cartoon Network and more. Watching these contents are not bad and most of them share values and lessons little kids could pick-up on.

Momco App is on a mission to make sure these plans materialize. Watching movies together teaches children about the value of spending quality time with their loved ones chomping on popcorn (but not too much) and also wearing those 3D glasses.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Momco App is excited to work with other Child Care providers to give children the best childhood they can. Then when it’s their turn to raise little kids, they’ll already know what to do and how to do it.

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