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4 Child Care Trends to Look Out for

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Child Care throughout the years has proven efficient and proactive in molding little kids to become amazing, intelligent and respectful individuals. Child Care underwent great leaps after many years, for the sake of the children of course.

Here are 4 child care trends you need to consider bringing into your services.

Child Care = Early Education

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Most people would say the earliest level of education is preschool or kindergarten. It’s not. Child care is, at least now it is. Child Care centers or providers today include early education in their services and that includes teaching not only children but babies as well.

There are several facts that suggest infants are able to comprehend shapes, faces and objects that will help them learn. Bright colors will surely spark fun and learning with those babies.

Many Child Care providers these days not only focus on visual learning but on audio learning as well.

Tailored hours for busy or single parents

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One challenge with Child Care lies not with the kids but with their parents or guardians. Some parents find it hard to even drop off their kids due to their busy schedule and they don’t have the money to get a nanny or source out help in exchange for money.

Luckily, providers, these days help these guardians buy tailoring specific Child Care hours that can accommodate parents’ hectic schedule on a daily basis. According to a report by the Guardian back in 2018, there were 24-hour daycare centers all over the United States.

These 24-hour providers target parents with low-paying jobs and unusual hours. Some people would drop off their kids late at night and then go to work then pick them up in the morning.

Child Care Applications Taking Over

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Not really taking over but more and more mobile applications are hitting phones one by one. Most of these apps help parents find reliable child care centers near them.

These apps are helping providers reach a wider target audience and they are able to communicate their marketing and focal core of their services using these apps.

Parents and guardians are then able to make a more informed and accurate decisions where to avail child care services from. Some of these apps also help parents find babysitters or rides for their kids. For example, Zum.

This app has a list of trustworthy and professional babysitters that can look after your kids tonight while you and your partner enjoy a lovely dinner.

The great thing about these applications is that they screen the providers that are posted on their database and that will surely put parents’ minds at ease.

Party as a form of Child Care Marketing and Service

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That’s right, instead of ads, printed materials or emails, Child Care providers are throwing parties for marketing purposes. The purpose of these parties is to introduce the Child Care Institute and then present its services, core values and benefits.

This is a great way of personal marketing because providers get to connect with parents and guardians. They are able to ask them important questions concerning their children. From that, people are able to build relationships and it’s a win-win-win situation, for the parents or guardians, the providers and of course the kids.

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