Child Care Marketing

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In the past, parents were after convenience when choosing the child care center for their kids. Pick-up times, nearest centers and affordable price rates might have hooked parents and guardians before but today, that’s not enough.

Parents and guardians want quality, they want to leave their kids not only supervised but, in a space, where they are well-adjusted to the environment facilitated by qualified professionals.

That’s is where the challenge comes in for providers. How do they attract parents? Not only attract but to really get the trust from those adults that convinces them that this place is Child Care excellence.

The answer is simple, Child Care marketing. No big surprise there. It’s true that Child Care is not just a business but the business part is relevant. Marketing is still vital for these entities for continuity, capacity and of course, for those in need of these services.

These days, Child Care providers utilize modern technology like social media, email marketing, video blogs and more. It’s hard to compete with other providers without using these channels as they provide extensive reach and quick access to prospects.

Child Care marketing is not to showcase that new playground set or the high-tech room with the iPads, no. It is to showcase the quality of service you are able to provide and the impacts of you and your team’s efforts manifested in the children and families you serve.

It is a misconception that most people consider Child Care marketing is unaffordable. It is not cheap that’s true. It’s cost-effective, meaning it comes with a reasonable price and the results afterwards are the results you’re hoping for.

That is, of course, your marketing is on point because there are hundreds of providers out there who got squat after spending thousands of dollars with paid advertising and marketing campaigns.

Child Care Marketing Nightmare

There are a number of child care marketing horror stories out there. Here’s hypothetical example for you to consider.

A provider spent $12,000 for a paid video ad to run on the local channels in a particular city. The provider decided to outsource the job since they don’t have the equipment and skills. The third party went on and did their job. Video shoot, editing and then the circulation of the video.

After the video runs for two weeks and it was just about time for enrolment. The Child Care provider expected a number of enrolments but the quantity was much lower compared to last year. That’s $12,000 to the drain. Why is that?

Some people who saw the video said, the timeslot when the ad was played wasn’t strategic. And that they failed to deliver the message parents and guardians were looking for.

That’s not what you want. That is why Momco App is here to help you.