momcoapp with mother and child playing on park - About

Momco App situated at Northeast Alberta St, Portland provides accurate and helpful marketing resources about child care that targets parents, guardians and their cute little bundles of joy.

We provide marketing solutions to child care providers for them to provide the best child care services they can.

Momco App was founded by Gannon Baxter from Portland. Gannon wanted to help child guardians get access to the best child care centers and services there are in Portland, mainly in the Northeast. Gannon knew he had to do something so, Momco App came to be.

In general, Momco App helps mothers find other mothers so that they connect and build productive relationships. These moms are then able to collaborate and work together in taking care of their bundles of joy.

Momco App is all about rallying behind the cause of child care and the impact it has not only on the little ones but on their families as well. Gannon and his team of professionals provide both child care training, seminars and services to providers, children and parents.

First things first, child care is not merely a business to generate money from parents and guardians. With people working hard to grow this service, it became a way of life for so many people not only in Portland but throughout the rest of the world.

Child care centers serve as a second home, a learning institute and a place for little kids to learn good values and tackle the academics. It is also the place where little kids socialize with other kids and that is something guardians need to really focus on.

It is never too early to teach kids about different things, lessons and virtues, even at a young age.

This is not babysitting, this is helping and guiding little kids grow up to be respectful, smart and loving individuals. Gannon and his team believe in helping child care providers better their service is a big step towards a better community in the near future.

Child care is an important part of a kid’s life no matter if it is done at home or at a center.

Momco App Values

Momco App has three values in total from which they center their services, marketing solutions and services they provide.


Every kid deserves to have the best childhood and that includes having fun and enjoying every single day of his or her life. Everyone wants to work hard to see that genuine smile on those little kids’ faces.


It is important that kids require efficient supervision and tutelage. Teaching a kid to not only differentiate right from wrong but to also understand different values is truly a remarkable experience for everyone.


Love, acceptance and understanding for all is what we at Momco App promote in everything that we do.