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3 Holiday Travel Tips for Parents

Can you still remember your fondest moments during holiday trips with the family when you were young? If you do, then give your kids some memories of their own. Here are three tips for your next holiday trip with the kids.

These tips are going to make your trip not only exciting but engaging and educative at the same time.

Prepare your Fun Facts

Research where you’re going and prepare little notes containing interesting facts about your destination and the history behind it. For example, if you’re going to the Grand Canyon, did you know that the rock discovered on the upper rim area is around 230 million years old?

These will not only be fun for your kids but they get to learn new things as well. When they go back to school and that place you guys visited came up, your kid will quickly raise his hands and say “did you guys know….?” Boom!

Teach your kids how to navigate

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You can’t let your kids be technology dependent when they face different challenges and problems. It may sound very primitive but navigation skills wherever you are will always be useful.

Bring out a compass for each of your kids and tell them how to use it. If you don’t know how to, there are a couple of tutorials on YouTube.

You can also stir things up with lady geography. Who knows, you might be molding the next Indiana Jones minus the burning skull of course.

Make your kids reflect

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We know it’s the holiday so the last thing you want to give your children is homework. Before your trip, tell your kids to come up with a memorable memory on your upcoming trip. Tell them it can be anything and let them know you’ll be there to help take photos.

That way, when your kids are off to college or living in with their girlfriend or boyfriend, you’ll have memories to look at while you cry. Just kidding. Teach your kids to find value in everything, everywhere and everyone.

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5 Party Organization Tips

An effective strategy in child care marketing is, party and fun activities and that means…. PARTY! Of course, one that is suitable for little kids and instead of booze, we go with pudding cups, cupcakes and a lot of exciting activities. Here are five tips for child care parties.

Awesome Invitations

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The card with that dinosaur picture just doesn’t get the job done. Some child care providers shoot invitational videos with animation and text effects to spark excitement among kids and their guardians.

Any party starts with the invitations. There are other awesome invitation ideas by the way.

You can’t deny the power of the card invitation but why not put a little sparkle on that card, not glitters. Some people do origami, some put in some handmade tokens and some even go beyond with intricate designs.

There are now invitations with personally hand-drawn images that are drawn specific inspired by the interest of each recipient.

Meaning if Mark is into superheroes then he gets that Superman invitation and if Lucy is into space stuff, she gets the Darth Vader invite.

Know what’s trending

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Kids these days aren’t that in-depth when it comes to the concept of trending but if they like something, then chances are most of them are into that stuff whatever it is. For example, new kid shows or toys.

This requires research but not that extensive. You can utilize emails or social media to ask parents what their kids are into these days.

Keeping up with the latest trends in the child care industry is important as it is important to be informed about what excites kids.

Get Creative with Food, Healthy Food

healthy foods on a busy table of salads - 5 Party Organization Tips

We are all aware that not all kids eat their vegetables or fruits and drink their milk. This is the time to get creative. Instead of going crazy with fried chicken, chips, dips, juice boxes and candy, why not go crazy with green stuff and healthy liquids.

You don’t have to be a world class chef to prepare these creative foods. For example, instead of French fries why not have baby carrots that look like Cheetos. Yes, we know, you’re fooling kids but it’s good for them.

These out of the box ideas will be received well by parents knowing your Child Care institute exert effort into kids eating and being healthy.

Invite Volunteers

Participation from the community provides better value to a child care center. Why is that? People volunteering their time for free to make the day of little kids show integrity and support. You will also save money but that’s secondary.

A lot of time for naps

Naps these days are not only for daycare. If you’re having a whole day party, why not set an hour for nap time for the little kids. No downside, just energetic kids who are hopped up with all the excitement looking for more excitement. Goodluck.

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